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Code: 913/0020x0015

Galvanised 20 x 15mm - Tee Reducing

Galvanised fittings are heavy duty hot dipped malleable iron fitting, Induvidual pressure testing is done on each fitting to ensure pin hole free quality. Each fitting is coated with a light oil to prevent corrosion on threads which conform to ISO 7-1 (BSP Standards) and ensure a perfect seal for the fittings lifetime.

Code Product Name QTY
913/0020x0015 Galvanised 20 x 15mm - Tee Reducing
913/0025x0015 Galvanised 25 x 15mm - Tee Reducing
913/0025x0020 Galvanised 25 x 20mm - Tee Reducing
913/0032x0015 Galvanised 32 x 15mm - Tee Reducing
913/0032x0020 Galvanised 32 x 20mm - Tee Reducing
913/0032x0025 Galvanised 32 x 25mm - Tee Reducing
913/0040x0015 Galvanised 40 x 15mm - Tee Reducing
913/0040x0020 Galvanised 40 x 20mm - Tee Reducing
913/0040x0025 Galvanised 40 x 25mm - Tee Reducing
913/0040x0032 Galvanised 40 x 32mm - Tee Reducing
913/0050x0015 Galvanised 50 x 15mm - Tee Reducing
913/0050x0020 Galvanised 50 x 20mm - Tee Reducing
913/0050x0025 Galvanised 50 x 25mm - Tee Reducing
913/0050x0032 Galvanised 50 x 32mm - Tee Reducing
913/0050x0040 Galvanised 50 x 40mm - Tee Reducing
913/0065x0025 Galvanised 65 x 25mm - Tee Reducing
913/0065x0032 Galvanised 65 x 32mm - Tee Reducing
913/0065x0040 Galvanised 65 x 40mm - Tee Reducing
913/0080x0050 Galvanised 80 x 50mm - Tee Reducing
913/0080x0065 Galvanised 80 x 65mm - Tee Reducing
913/0100x0050 Galvanised 100 x 50mm - Tee Reducing
913/0100x0065 Galvanised 100 x 65mm - Tee Reducing
913/0100x0080 Galvanised 100 x 80mm - Tee Reducing
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